May 7, 2012

Last month I got to photograph something unique to my portfolio – a post-reception reception. It was a little bit like a rehearsal dinner with all of the family and closest friends of the bride and groom, but the people most involved in the wedding (bride, groom, parents of the couple etc.) were probably able to breathe a little easier and kick back a few more drinks because the big day had already successfully passed and now it was time to relax and enjoy. The party took place the night after the wedding at the Corsair Distillery where the Yazoo brewery used to be and it was a blast – the party from the night before obviously hadn’t stopped! Brian, the groom, was from Ireland and he had an impressive amount of guests from Ireland come over to the U.S. for the wedding. Speaking (…writing) as someone who planned a transnational wedding, it is no easy feat to get more than the family over so it was pretty cool to see such a big international contingent. I’m guessing they all made a trip to Broadway at least once during their visit because a handful of the groom’s friends had on cowboy hats and a few had boots – it was pretty awesome! We knew the bride Katie’s side of the family from Andrew and Sara’s wedding last summer, so we knew it was going to be a really fun crowd and we were right! Congratulations Katie and Brian!

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