May 4, 2012

I LOVE THESE TWO. Ok had to get that out there. Ellen and I have been good friends since our sophomore year in college and I am SO happy she and Kyle are tying the knot. They are perfect for each other in every way – you can read about their adorable love story on Pinkbook. I remember in college Ellen and I would go watch Kyle DJ with the Boom Bap in Nashville and it just seemed like deep down they both knew they were meant for each other. Kyle and Ellen are also two of the funniest people Javi and I know – they crack us up and apparently they crack each other up because about 90%  of their engagement photos were of the two of them laughing. They get married on June 8 and I can’t WAIT! Below are a few photos from their engagement shoot – we started at Belmont where they met, fell in love and got engaged!


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